Fu Dog is the Sh#*! – How Ecoclean is Cleaning It Up In Washington State

Your job as a business is to promote yourself by telling people what you can do for them, but when it comes down to it, what matters is what your customers have to say about the service they got. James Chen of EcoClean is a true testament not just to the fact that we go above and beyond to provide our customers with our undivided attention, but more that what we say we can do, we DO!

Fu Dog is the Sh#*!

For SEO & PPC for Pressure Washing Companies

We didn’t say it, but we’ll take the compliment. When James came to us, he was running a pressure washing business in Puyallup, Washington, and making a good living, but working around the clock either trying to make money or chase it.

At Fu Dog Media, pressure washing is a service that is near and dear to our hearts – so much so that SEO & PPC for power washing companies has become a specialty. So when James came to us saying he wanted to get out of the residential market and focus more on the commercial one, we promised that we could take his business to a whole new level.

Fast-Forward Less Than A Year

First, we started with the EcoClean website. There were things that we knew needed to be done, not just for Google but also to attract organic traffic. In addition, we didn’t just want to drive visitors there; we knew the real value was in converting them from visitor to customer. That is where we help our clients dominate.

Sure, SEO companies can show you a lot of stats about how they increased the number of visitors to your site, but what you should REALLY care about is that they drive the RIGHT audience to your site. It is all about conversion rates and driving revenue. At Fu Dog, we don’t tell you what we did; we don’t have to because you see it. We provide our clients with real analytics, but where it really matters is where it counts – your bottom line.

Getting Back to EcoClean

Although we hate to give out our secrets, as a business owner, it shouldn’t really be a secret. What we sell via the internet is not stock photos and status quo websites – we sell YOU. The first step in getting James to an entirely new level was in the branding process.

Never before has it been so important to present you online in full-color video and images. People want to know when they hire someone from the internet exactly who will be showing up at their front door. As a general rule, we believe in being authentic. Using stock photos doesn’t cut it anymore, because it presents a disingenuous face. As a company, you want to be YOU and real. So we created a custom video header and made the site fully custom with professional photography.

Professional Video is a MUST

We really can’t say enough about video being where it’s at. When you invest in SEO and a website design, it is a long-term investment, but that doesn’t mean that it is stagnant or static. Video works because it is cutting-edge and dynamic.

You have to captivate an audience and the best way to do that is with the imagery and “grab” that comes from video. So, step one – we got the EcoClean crew on tape.

Content is Still King

Content is going to be the biggest driving factor to getting in front of the audience you want to draw. We do offer national SEO, but where we really excel is in pinpointing things locally. James wanted to be in Puyallup, Washington, focusing on commercial pressure washing, so that’s what we did. We enhanced his keywords on static pages and then we hammered it in with blog content and “areas we serve” pages to really hone in on keywords.

What does that mean? When Google is classifying you, you have a physical address, so that is where you will automatically show up. The way that you gain a “physical presence” in places that surround your physical address is by adding “areas we serve” pages that tell Google that it is within your service area. Sound complicated? The good news is we take care of it so that you don’t have to!

So Where is James Now?

We are proud to say we are still working hard so James gets to not work as hard as he used to. He went from smaller residential pressure washing to cashing in on commercial and large-scale projects. He is no longer chasing money; he is chasing around his crew to follow up and make sure they can handle all the new business flowing his way (pressure washing – yep, pun intended).

When we asked him to tell his story, we got him on tape – see how it all circles back? He told the world what we already know, Fu Dog is the one shot you’ve got (oh, did you think we were talking about another four-letter word?).

When it comes down to it, you can say a ton of great things about what you do, who you are, and most importantly, what you have to offer, but what really matters is what you’ve done. EcoClean is just one of the many businesses we have been able to get where they want to be. Are you ready to take it to the next level? We are! Contact us today to get started!