Google Guaranteed – Your Home Services Ace in the Hole?

Google Guaranteed

Working in the digital marketing industry, we come across the newest trends, tactics, and tools all the time, and even if we can’t directly “market” them ourselves, we believe that the more information that we provide our clients, the more value we add. For SEO, it isn’t just one path that leads you where you are going; there are hundreds, and sometimes it is best to break off and go separate ways to cover everything.

Google Guaranteed might not be something that we personally offer to our clients as a service, but it would be a disservice for us not to let everyone who can benefit know what it is, what it does, and why we recommend that you join.

What is Google Guaranteed?

Although it can feel like Google has done it all, they continue to find innovative ways to throw a wrench in the works – sometimes for good, sometimes not so much. Their new consumer protection program is one of those new additions that help businesses who want to increase their local SEO presence add an additional layer of assurance for consumers. As a business owner, you get the advantage of lead generation over your competitors.

Essentially, the program is designed to showcase home service companies that have gone through a prescreening to get a green badge. The badge, once earned, is attached to your company’s logo and shows prominently on Google to show everyone that you have gone the extra step to have the credibility of Google in your corner (and the monetary backing).

What Does the Google Guaranteed Green Badge Mean?

Google has designed its new certification program to increase a business’s local presence by giving them the distinguished green badge, but it also gives the consumer the protection of knowing if things don’t go as planned, Google will clean it up. So consumers get the comfort of knowing Google will stand behind the service 100%.

What do businesses get? Businesses who buy into the Google Guaranteed program get immediate lead generation that can help to increase their traffic and bottom line. When customers feel like they’re covered, they are more likely to follow through.

How Can You Tell if a Business is Google Guaranteed?

When you see the listing for a business, there is a little green circle right below the star rating with a check mark that indicates that someone is a participant in the program. That green mark lets consumers know that the services they book through the company are automatically insured (up to a certain limit). Internet users can now use the audio search on Google Home or Google Assistant to verify who is in the program.

How Does Google Guaranteed Work?

Any business that uses local service search ads is eligible to sign up for the program. If you are accepted, a badge will appear next to your Google Ad. Google verifies your status by looking into your business insurance, license, and sorting through reviews and ratings.

They also conduct employee background checks for free, as well as checking the business owner’s background. Once you are accepted, if one of your consumers is dissatisfied with the service you provided, then Google will reimburse their invoice. Google gives the business owner the chance to resolve things, but if a solution can’t be reached, Google will determine the outcome.

What Does Google Guaranteed Reimburse?

The Google Guaranteed Program guarantees that Google will, if the situation meets the criteria, reimburse the customer up to a lifetime limit for all services performed. Exclusions to the reimbursement amount include any add-ons or future services, damages to property, or dissatisfaction that stems from things like price, cancellations, or responsiveness.

Can I Be a Member of the Google Guaranteed Program?

Although the home services included in the program can vary from one location to the next, the following categories are currently eligible to enroll in the program: appliance maintenance and repair; auto repair; auto glass, upholstery, and carpet cleaning; event planning; electrical work; financial planning; garage door repair and installation; housecleaning; HVAC repair and installation; junk removal; locksmith services; lawn care; grooming; pest control; plumbing; photography; tree care; roofing; window cleaning and repair; and fire and water restoration services.

Is Google Guaranteed Worth It?

If you are in the home services industry and want to increase your local presence, then Google Guaranteed might be your answer. Many small businesses dabble in pay-per-click and other digital marketing ads, but they can be challenging to navigate or predict.

Google Guaranteed helps you spend less time worrying about things like keyword searches and other tools and more time focusing on what you do best: your business. Digital marketing ads are not for amateurs and tend to be a full-time job, but Google Guaranteed gives you the guarantee of the green badge and a conglomerate backing your work.

When you pay for the Google Guaranteed Program, it catapults your Google Ad above the first listing so that you get the top position. These are displayed just above the regular pay-per-click ads, which makes them front and center. That means that business owners get the most exposure possible from Google Ads and they get the credibility that Google lends with their guarantee.

Don’t Quit Your Day Job Just Yet

As some are reading this they might be thinking, “Oh good, I can finally let things like digital ads, keyword searches, and blogging go.” Unfortunately, that is exactly the opposite of what you should do. SEO doesn’t have one playbook for success; in fact, it combines all the marketing playbooks out there. If you want to win at the long-term game involved in ranking, then don’t quit your day job.

Yes, you still need to add quality content.

Yes, you still should consider digital and pay-per-click ads and yes, you should continue to look for innovative, creative, and savvy ways to get that number-one position in front of your audience. It is a multi-stream approach, but it’s GUARANTEED your efforts will pay off!


There are things that we come across in our practice that don’t make sense for us to tackle, mostly because businesses can do it themselves, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t advise you on them. For our home services clients, having the backing of Google really adds credibility to a business. Not only do you get the recognition of the green badge; you get to appear before your competitors who have not decided to join, which gives you the top spot!

We believe that SEO isn’t a straight line; it’s a web, just like the internet, and the more places you can reach, audiences you can captivate, and potential consumers you can engage, the more you will succeed. We hope that you will heed our advice and at least give it a try. If we were in a service market that was eligible, you can bet you would see a green badge by our name!

As we roll into a new year, now is the time to reexamine your SEO and how it is working for you. With so many exciting new features, advertising, and marketing avenues to cover, the next year is going to be a bumpy ride; we hope you join us for it. Contact us today and let’s dominate the web!