Why a $5 Logo Design Doesn’t Cut It

Among the many useful tools on the internet for marketing are graphic design platforms that allow you to do everything from making social posts to creating brand logos. Just like everything else in life, however, just because someone can do something that doesn’t necessarily mean that they should. Your brand is the most important thing to your company’s success and it ALL stems from the logo. If you think that people can’t tell the difference between a cheap logo and a custom-designed one, you are in denial! These are just some of the reasons a $5 logo doesn’t cut it.

Professionally Designed Does Not Equal Custom-Designed

It isn’t that we take issue with the other guy’s claim that their logo components were professionally designed. Those professionals, however, sit behind a desk with a creative concept that is “global,” meaning they are designed for an industry, not a brand. There is no way for them to design something that will uniquely represent you. The logo graphics are nice, but they are not custom-designed by any stretch!

They Aren’t One of a Kind

When you design a cheap logo, you are choosing from set templates and clip art and so are the millions of other business professionals who get on there everyday to look around.

So, not only are you taking the chance that you are showing up to the dance wearing the same dress as someone else; everyone who has looked on there will know that you yourself just went to that cheap logo design website, too. Branding work because they define your company and they are uniquely you, but there isn’t anything unique about picking from a few chosen cut and paste designs.

It’s Customizable – No Design Skills Needed

How can you design your logo without any design skills needed? Just because the program allows you to take different objects, put them together, and change the color and font, that does not a design make! Design is a skill and talent that not everyone has, which also means that not all people can look at a logo with the right creative eye and put it together perfectly to represent you and your company.

It’s Fast

What happens when you rush decisions? You typically end up not considering all of your options and really “sitting” with it for a while. If you are rebranding, there is a reason that your first brand identity didn’t work; it didn’t talk to the audience.

If you are designing a logo for a new business venture and the logo is at the heart of your success, do you really want to make a decision quickly and skip the back and forth of deciding whether it conveys your message? We recommend that before you choose a logo, you mull it over, pass it around, and really take the time to critique it – not that you get ‘er done!

If You Don’t Brand Properly, You Aren’t Branding at All

The thing about a brand is that it has to be unique and be creative. The logo is where your customers are going to build brand familiarity with you – at least, that’s the goal. If you have a logo that is nondescript, unexciting, or just isn’t appealing, you are going to have a hard time connecting with your audience and being remembered.

When something is so critical to whether your business makes it or not, do you really want to go cheap? Or does it make more financial sense to spend the extra to make sure the logo provides the best likelihood for your company to go viral?

Going Back Later to Redo It Doesn’t Make Sense

We’ve actually heard business owners say they did their logo themselves and now two years into the business’s operation, they want to ramp it up by creating a new logo. If you think that a startup logo is just something that will be a placeholder for when you have more money to invest, that is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Those two years, or however long you allow a subpar logo to be your representation, are lost income, profits, and ability to expand.

You HAVE to invest in the beginning and give it all that you’ve got to make it – not throw something out there for now and go back at some point along the way. Rebranding is not easy at any point; you risk losing the clients you were able to attract and it is such a waste of time. It doesn’t make sense!

As with everything in life, just because you can do something doesn’t necessarily mean that you should. You wouldn’t pick up a hammer and nails to build a home for yourself, and you shouldn’t think that you can wear a designer’s hat to build your company. At Fu Dog Media, we take the time to listen and carefully consider, and then we add our marketing experience, design talent, and creative excellence to the mix, and what you get is a logo that people won’t soon forget. And that is what all smart business owners know is the key.

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