Expert Local SEO in Horseshoe Bay, TX


The story is always the same: “We just aren’t getting any traffic. Our website just isn’t working…” Our answer goes a little like this… “Was your website design designed to drive traffic?” “Does it contain the keywords necessary to rank on Google?” “What other tools have you tried to drive traffic?" Don't be discouraged. We've gotten client after client like you to the first page of Google, and we'll do it for you, too.

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SEO Packages to Rank You Higher and Drive Traffic

Identification of keywords is key, but not as key as using them correctly to rank you higher!

Your business has a main product or service within a certain industry. Only through identifying what your goals are and quantitatively setting them can you achieve them. Goal one: Meet with Fu Dog and get the ball rolling. We are not only the SEO company in Horseshoe, TX; we work with clients across the nation to develop local, regional, and national campaigns to get you at the top of your game.

Still have questions? Let's demystify SEO

Steps to Get You Ranked Higher!

Identify your target audience

Who is your niche market, how do you get in front of them, and then how do we persuade them to make contact?

Finding targeted keywords

First, we ask the question: what are the number-one words people will use to find YOU? Then, what supporting or secondary ones follow?

Pinpointing the competition

It is always a good idea to keep your eye on the competition to see ways that they might be gaining. You never want them to see you in the rearview mirror, so knowing who they are puts them in your sights.

Deciphering whether SEO is the answer

No one wants to spend money they don’t have to. How are you ranking? If not so well, SEO is the answer. Click here to find out where your company ranks and what we can do to take your business exposure to the next level.

What Are Your Local
Geographical Targets?

What physical area are you targeting for your service or products? Are you going for a local, regional, or national audience? The approach is going to differ greatly.

Goal setting

Goal - the same every time: to be at the top of a Google search. We’ll get you there, but it starts with a free audit report for strategy design.