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For digital marketing domination, few tools are as valuable as Pay-Per-Click ads to drive traffic and push the boundaries of your bottom line. Paid advertising can only be as successful as the people running it.

What is PPC Advertising?

Every business has a set budget for its PPC management, but the key is finding a PPC Management service that makes the best use of those resources in strategic and targeted ways to gain the most exposure and drive revenue directly to you.

Buying the correct ads isn’t about trial and error or guesswork. It is about experience, expertise, and understanding where your audience is found and how to use marketing to persuade them to follow through. At Fu Dog Media, we not only get you in front of the intended audience; we know how to convert viewers to hard cash.

Can I do PPC on my own?

Sure you can! But some things are better left to experts. Digital marketing companies who specialize in Google Ads know how to maximize every dollar. When you hire Fu Dog Media, you’ll have an expert team constantly monitoring ads and performance, so we can make adjustments on the fly as to not waste your monthly budget. Saving money on PPC management fees could cost you big on leads and revenue.


Portable Building Company in South Carolina:

  • 99 Average Total Monthly Conversions
  • Average CPC under $2
  • 15% overall conversion rate (engagements + contacts)

Nationwide Material Handling Equipment Company:

  • 16 average monthly new contacts generated
  • 17.25% Average CTR
  • 244% YOY increase in Conversions
  • 30% YOY reduction in Cost / Conversion

Nationwide Ultrasound Equipment Company:

  • 168 average monthly new contacts generated
  • $7.94 Avg CPC
  • 22% Non-Brand Conversion Rate

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