How Professional Videography Can Elevate Your Branding

At the heart of every successful business is branding. Branding is the way that a company gains interest, trust, and eventually familiarity with customers and potential customers. Before the internet, branding a business could take years or decades, but thanks to the web, branding can be done in a very short period of time. The key to branding your business is clearly conveying a message in all that you do and all that represents you. It is also about being engaging and authentic, and getting people to relate to you on an emotional level. The reason that video is so important for branding is because it allows you to tell your “story” and elicit not just an emotional tie to potential consumers; it encourages them to act on that emotion to want to give your product or service a try.

Video Tells a Story

On nearly all websites there is an “about us” section. Within that section is where you want to tell people who you are and what you are about. The problem is that not all people seek out who and what you are about. Video is a way to captivate your audience and make them take notice. It tells them who you are, why they should choose you, and what you can do for them before they even have to ask. And it does it quickly and effectively. Viewers can choose what they want to read, but when there is a video in front of them, it is very rare that they will tune it out or not pay attention to it at some level.

Emotional Ties are Stronger

People want to connect with other people; it is how we are wired. If you can make that connection on a real and emotional level, then you are more likely to get people to act, which is where your visitors convert to customers. Once they build familiarity with you as the representative of your company, they feel a type of loyalty to your brand that will not only get them to give you a try; it will ensure that if they do have a good experience, they will continue to come back for more.

Authenticity and Genuineness Mean Everything

In the age of social media, people have become very surface-level, and what they put out to the world might not always come across as genuine and sincere. Potential consumers want to hear from you directly and get a feel for who you are before they want to put their faith and trust in you. Speaking in your own words about what something means to you and what you value makes you “real” instead of just a logo and a bunch of words on the web. In a video, you can show your passion, what makes you tick, and what you get excited about. If you are excited about your brand on video, trust me, the person watching it will be too.

People Want to Know Who They are Dealing With

There is a real difference when you go to a website and you see a bunch of stock videos or stock images. People want to see who you are and most importantly, who is showing up to their home or who they are buying from. If you have a bunch of stock images on your website and none of those people actually look real or it doesn’t seem candid, people can’t really form a connection with anyone. Potential customers want to “meet” you before they meet you at their front door.

You Have Very Little Time to Grab Their Attention

Even if you have an amazing logo and brand color scheme, you have very little time to grab someone’s attention. When you look at the progression of social media, what you will see is the gradual move from Facebook to Instagram and then YouTube to TikTok; people’s thirst for quick response and engagement continues to grow. Where once you had about 30 seconds to captivate your audience, now you have about three.

Don’t Believe Us? You Don’t Have To – Our Video Case Studies and Customers Say It All

Again, I can sit here and write all the ways that videos grab attention, but the proof is in the results. Our customers who have done videos have gained more benefits than probably any other tool that we have used.

When it comes to the tools that we have at our disposal to foster your brand, video is about the best one there is. A video puts you front and center in front of your audience so that you can speak to them with the authenticity and genuineness that is necessary to evoke the emotion that makes people take action. If you are building your brand or trying to take your current one to the next level, then video is a must.

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